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How to Get Work Done when Kids are with You

I take both of my children to work with me – every day. No, there is no day care on location. Yes, some days I think I’m crazy.

Great advice for work at home or outside the home moms! | When your kids have to come to work with you, how can you get anything done? These are some of the things I've done over the last 4 years of bring my kids to work with me!

I’ve worked as the secretary at our church for over 6 years now. A few years after I started, our daughter was born. Our pastor asked if coming back to work and bring her with me was something I wanted to do, and we decided to try it. That baby is now over 4 year and a 23 month old also joins us. We work Monday through Thursday from 8-3.

Did I ever dream that I’d still be working with both kids coming along with me? Nope! I can remember thinking, “maybe I can keep working until my daughter turns one”. That age turned into two and then three and now she’s four. The extra income my job has provided has blessed us in many ways. We’ve been able to purchase vehicles, our first home, take trips, and are now using it to pay off our home early!

I’ve spent many an hour working with the kids with me. Some days go perfectly and others have a lot of not so pleasant moments in them but we’ve found some things that help our weeks go by a little more smoothly. If you work from your home, these tips will help you as well!

What are some of the suggestions? Here’s how to get work done when kids are with you:

1. Naps

When they are of napping age, plan for naps to happen while you are at work instead of at home. During the months when my children took two or more naps a day, I made it so they’d take one in the morning and one after lunch both while we were at work. When they went to one nap, it happened right after lunch at work. My oldest doesn’t take any naps, but little brother still takes an afternoon one. Those hours are blissful.

2. Spouse’s Schedule

I go to work at 8 and my husband doesn’t have to be at his job until 10. I go to work alone and he brings the two kids at 9:45 right before he heads to work. If he has to go in earlier, the kids simply come to me sooner. Even if your husband heads to work just 30 minutes or an hour later than you, take advantage of that time.

3. Desk Space is for Working

My kids are welcome to be around my desk (and are a majority of the day) but when your child is old enough to understand, make it clear that your office is for working. Rambunctious playing and loud noises have to be done elsewhere. For my daughter that is down the hallway away from the offices or in the nursery (great perk of a church job)!

4. Clear Expectations and Rules

Even though my daughter has been coming to work with me all four years of her life, I still have to communicate expectations and rules for the day.

  • This is working time
  • If you want to be loud, go across the hall or in the hallway
  • When people are trying to work, leave them alone
  • Obey the first time

5. Snacks

Utilize food to your advantage. Especially on those days where the kids are overly tired. My daughter brings a piece of fruit (and sometimes her entire breakfast) with her in the morning. Eating it will take up the first portion of time each day. After lunch we also bring a small snack. Often, she will be given it part way through the afternoon as an incentive for good behavior. (We now don’t do afternoon snack at church – it happens shortly after we get home for the afternoon and that works just as well or better.)

6. Activities

Each day let your child select one or two items to bring that they are able to do alone or with minimal supervision sitting on the floor beside your desk. (Affiliate links used) Puzzles, opposite games, activity books (my 4 year old is obsessed with workbooks of all kinds), coloring supplies, blocks (or something to build).

7. Movies

We have recently eliminated most all screen time in our home, but our daughter is allowed to pick out a movie or show to bring to work. This will occupy them for a decent amount of time, especially if you give them their snack and a blanket at the same time and they can have a little movie party.

8. Limit Battles but Don’t be a Pushover

While you are getting paid isn’t the time to have a multiple hour conflict with your child. At the same time you don’t want to allow them to get by with disobeying, not respecting boundaries, and being loud when you are on the phone. If you do, future work days will be torture. When my daughter disobeys, is loud, or is disruptive to one of the pastors, I remind her of the rules and give a consequence if it happens again. She has to leave the office and go to the room across the hall if she’s going to be rude. End of discussion. She might lose her snack or have to go to her room when we get home. All of those consequences involve minimal time from me, but she’ll remember the next day that I mean what I say.

I’ll be honest, some days go great and others not so well but it has worked surprising well over the years. Adding a second child has helped in there now being a playmate but also increased the amount of destruction and tears that can happen.

It’s good though and I’m thankful for the opportunity to earn money and have my children with me. These tips on how to get work done when kids are with you have really helped our days!

How do you get desk work done with kids around?


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