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Menu Plan

Okay, so guess what? Life hasn’t slowed down and I still haven’t gotten in a good habit of blogging. I think I’m just going to have to make myself start. We have had more fun visiting others in my family and are still going to make another trip to see the rest of them.

Our menu lately has been kept super simple and not that exciting, but sometimes easy is just what you have to do. Leftovers have been a lifesaver. Cooking once and eating 2 or 3 times? I’m all over that. Life has been crazy enough that I’ve had to choose not to stress over making boring meals and not eating as healthily as we normally do.

This week’s suppers are consisting of:

Our menu plan this week is easy and full of leftovers - just what I need!

A new deep dish pizza cooked in the cast iron skillet we tried last week! Pretty yummy but New York and brick oven pizza is still more my thing.

Lunches are bean and cheese tortillas with apples and cucumbers.

Breakfasts are:

  • Fruit
  • Plain Yogurt and Granola
  • Eggs

See, I told you! No gourmet cooking happening around here. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break and do less and the weather kind-of, sort-of feeling fall like makes me happy because it means soups and we all know that soup leftovers are the best! Mexican, split pea, and potato sausage have all made an appearance in the last few weeks.

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