Awesome Gifts for Kids Under $10

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With birthdays, Christmas, and other events buying presents for all the kiddos in your life can really add up! Today, I wanted to put together an fun list of gifts for kids all under $10! The perfect way to let a child you know you care and thought of them but still let you stay within your budget.

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With Christmas around the corner, some of these ideas would not only make a great Christmas presents, but you could also use them as a bigger stocking stuffer item. They would also work great for Easter basket fillers for your children or even a Valentine’s present.

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Fun Gifts for Kids Under $10


If your kids are as obsessed with Beyblades as mine are, they will love getting a new one to battle with. You can find a Beyblade or a Beyblade with launcher for under $10 on Amazon or also in the toy section of a Walmart or Target.


Puzzles are always a hit with my kids. For Preschool and Kindergarten age kids, be sure to check out the giant floor puzzles. I found these Frozen and Paw Patrol options for under $10! For younger kids check out this chunky puzzle or puzzles with big knobs.

Once you get up to kids a little older, you can find some jigsaw puzzles with less than 100 pieces under $10 on Amazon. For puzzles larger than that, check out Dollar Tree! You can find puzzles from 24 – 500 pieces for just a dollar! My kids have enjoyed many of these (and you don’t have to stress if they lose a piece.)

Gift Card. 

What child doesn’t appreciate a gift card? A $5 card you give with something else or just a $10 gift card will be enjoyed. My kids love having spending money to buy what they want – whether for toys, games, craft supplies, or their favorite fast food type restaurants!


 If you know a reader, they will never turn down a good book! You can start with board books for babies and toddlers (even my 4 year old still loves board books) and go all the way up to chapter books and classic novels! I will put together a post with book gift ideas broken down by age. If you need help in the meantime, let me know!


Buy a Blu-ray or DVD of a favorite movie. They will love having it available to watch again and again.


Fun snacks are always a favorite. When mom buys the groceries things tend to be simple. You can spoil the kids with special treats, snacks, and candy that they don’t normally get. Isn’t that a perfect gifts for kids under $10 idea? Even older kids appreciate yummy food!


 All three of my kids love game nights! Something as simple as Uno or Skip-Bo is always a hit for them. Or look into Qwixx and Spot it!

I know many games can be well over $10, but the basic games are still a lot of fun. Watch for deals around Thanksgiving and Christmas to get more expensive games for less.

We also enjoy Clue, Rummikub, Sequence (and Sequence for Kids). We love playing Pictionary when we are with their cousins and believe it or not, my 7 and 9 year old have been loving the themed Monopoly games lately. We have The Christmas Story version.

Another go to is Apples to Apples Jr.


Crafts Kits. 

Again, crafts are something that all of my kids enjoy! The DIY kits are always fun because they get to make new projects (and I like that all the supplies are right there). Here are just a few that I found! (All of these were under $10 when I added them to the post.)

Don’t for get to check Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target for craft kit options too!


I know outfits will be more than $10, but think of something like a fun T-Shirt, dress, or even accessory. Often times you can even get a cool shirt on sale for $5 and you could include something else with the piece clothing.

Craft Supplies.

Yep, I know we just talked about craft kits but this is something different.

Go to Dollar Tree (or buy when school supplies are on sale or using a coupon at Hobby Lobby) and gather together a much of an assortment of craft stuff as you can and put it in a plastic tub for the child.

Next time they want to create, they will have all the necessary items!

Things from glue (or a glue gun for older kids), pipe cleaners, different kinds of beads, stickers, glitter, pompom balls, streamers, yarn etc! The possibilities are endless.


There are so many fun socks out there! Find a pair for $5 and stuff it with some extra goodies (or a gift card) or get a pack for $10 and let it be the gift! Don’t discount looking at Walmart and Target – I’ve seen some super fun options lately. During winter months you can always consider fuzzy socks as well.


A legit flashlight (or lantern or headlamp)! Kids love these and I know my kids are always raiding our flashlight drawer. Having their own (that you label with their name) would be a great gift!

Seasonal Items.

Think about what time of year it is and what kinds of things kids do outside! Winter toys & sleds, chalk, bubbles, hula hoops, water toys, bug catchers, beach towels, plants etc. It’s always fun to receive something new to use on outdoor adventures. You can find some fun seasonal gifts for kids for under $10 on Amazon or your local dollar store or even Walmart.

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Right there are 13 different categories of gifts for kids under $10 to help you jump start your gift buying this year! These ideas work for kids of a variety of ages and the options really are endless.

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One last money saving tip, when you find these types of things on clearance or on sale for a great price buy a couple and build up a small gift stash in your closet. Perfect to use for your own kids or for friends. It saves you money from having to go out at buy something full price.

What are your favorite gifts under $10 for kids to give?

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