Whole30 Tips To Make it a Success

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Changing how we eat can be so difficult. A month of drastic diet changes is no small feat. Way to go for thinking about giving it a try. Here are some great Whole30 tips to help make your journey a success!

A Whole30 is a good jump start no matter your long term eating plan and will help you notice food sensitivities you otherwise might have missed.

It took  months of thinking about it before we completed our first Whole30.

What exactly is a Whole30? It’s a 30 day nutritional program designed to change your cravings, habits, help heal your body, and give you a good restart. They have a great post of the many benefits here.

The rules (foods you can and can’t eat) can seem a little daunting. Knowing I was going to have to avoid so many foods that were a standard part of our mostly real food diet stopped me from committing for a long time. There are no sweeteners allowed of any kind (not even honey), no grains (quinoa, oats, rice etc), no legumes or peanut butter, no dairy, no carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites, and you also aren’t allowed to create plan ingredient approved “baked goods”. (It’s sort-of like a paleo plan but more strict.)

That’s a lot of nos! So to help you start, and ensure that you’ll finish out the 30 days strong, here are 12 tips for a successful Whole30.

fresh produce and raw meat with white graphichs

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Whole30 Tips

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Menu plan for all three meals and snacks. In fact, plan for at least a week at a time or even for the whole 30 days.

Food on Whole30 can take more time to prepare than you are used to so don’t leave it to the last minute or you’ll find yourself stressed or grabbing foods that aren’t on plan. I promise a written menu really helps keep that from happening.

Use Pinterest to keep track of recipes you’d like to try and find some great resources. I have a list of Whole30 Soup Recipes and Whole30 Breakfast Recipes to get you started.

I also liked using these cookbooks for recipe inspiration! I was able to find them at my library, but here are the Amazon links for them:

2. Mentally Prepare for a Hard Start

Don’t expect it to be a bed of roses! You will struggle and possible feel miserable the early days. I found myself thinking about food (I couldn’t eat) continuously! Be prepared for this and be prepared to stick it out. You can do it.

Because of this, if possible, you might want to plan your Whole30 to start when life won’t be too crazy or stressful.

3. Mentally Prepare to be Over it at the End

By the time 30 days are over you’ll probably be ready to just quit and think, “surely 27 days is good enough” – especially as events and functions come up and it would just be more fun to be able to eat “regular” food again. Knowing this will happen will allow yourself to combat it.

Possibly, set a reward for yourself if you stick out the 30 days! A little extra motivation never hurts.

4. Have the Entire Family Do It

Let me tell you, it would have been torture if everyone else in my house was eating cheese, grains, and chocolate and I had to watch. The temptation to take a bite would be huge and I don’t think my attitude would have been as great. I didn’t cheat, but it was a family project. I’m not sure the results would have been the same otherwise.

So turn it into a family challenge and celebrate with a special outing when you are done!

5. Do it With a Friend

My sister and her husband did a Whole30 the same time we did. It was amazing! Having another person responsible for the majority of the cooking to talk to was so helpful. We could brainstorm together and take meals from each other’s menus, and, of course, keep each other accountable.

6. Repeat Meals

Please, don’t feel like you need to come up with 30 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. If you find a meal you love – especially one the kids love – make it every week. Or even more often. It simplifies everything and it’s nice to have solid meals everyone will eat to fall back on.

20 Whole30 breakfast ideas and recipes! Great resource for healthy breakfasts - the hardest for me to come up with recipes for. (My FAVORTIE breakfast casserole is on this list)

7. Do Lots of Kitchen Prep at One Time

You’ll be using many fruits, vegetables, and meats during this month. That means a lot of prepping those fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Instead of spending hours in the kitchen each day preparing these items, take some time on the weekends to wash, peel, chop all the food you can for the next several days. Bonus, you only have to do those dishes once.

8. Plan for Leftovers to Save Time in the Kitchen

One of the big deterrents of the Whole30 is the amount of time you have to spend in the kitchen.

Make extra each night (at least on the recipes your family loves) so you can have leftovers on a busy day or use them for lunches!

9. Try New Things

If you don’t venture beyond scrambled eggs for breakfast and carrots and broccoli for your veggies, it will be a long 30 days. Get out of your rut. Be creative with seasonings and spices!

Try cooking some veggies you don’t love in a new way and pick out some new produce you’ve never tried.

10. Save Up to Increase Your Grocery Budget

Set aside a extra money before your Whole30 begins! We keep our grocery budget low and we definitely spent more during this challenge. Probably double what we normally spend. Only buying produce, meats, dried fruit, and nuts can get a little pricey. Watch for meats to get marked down and start stocking up in the months prior as well.

You’ll find great tips for cutting costs on your normal grocery budget in this post. Then set the money saved aside for your Whole30:

10 super easy ways to drastically lower your grocery budget! I've saved thousands of dollars doing these over the years. GREAT ideas!

11. Get Rid of Temptation

Had there been a bag of my favorite candy staring me in the face every time I opened up the cabinet or cheese in the refrigerator it would have been a really long month and I’d have been much more incline to just cheat a bite of something here or there.

Bury them in the deepest part of your pantry, pass ingredients on to a friend, or toss them – do what it takes so they won’t be taunting you!!!

12. There’s NO Perfect Time

Our lives are busy. There’s always things going on. If you try to wait for the perfect 30 days where you have nothing going on that will take you out of your home, you’ll never do it. That’s a big part of the reason it took me soooo long to commit.

Find a time that works best – probably avoiding major holidays and birthdays of your family members – and put it on the calendar.

Lastly, don’t let fear keep you from getting started! Take the plunge and set aside 30 days for recharging your body, breaking cravings, and possibly losing a few inches and pounds and becoming a healthier you. You’ve got this, especially with these Whole30 tips that will help you succeed!

Have you done a Whole30? What tips do you have?

If you haven’t done a Whole30, are you thinking about it?

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A Whole30 is a great way to help heal your body and ditch cravings. It's not easy, but it's worth it! Here are some tips for a successful Whole30!

Originally published January 2015. Updated May 2020.


52 thoughts on “Whole30 Tips To Make it a Success

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    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      It is really strict, but I guess on the upside – it’s only 30 days. I really had to gear myself up for it and I’m sure it will take just as much (or more) mental power to set up a time for round number 2.

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  18. Amanda

    i love the idea of doing this and don’t eat a lot of these items everyday, like sugar and dairy – so that’s easy! However I am a vegetarian, so eliminating tofu and even quinoa seems daunting since I already don’t eat meat or seafood. What happens after the 30 days?

      1. amanda

        Thanks for the extra links, this is very helpful! Yes eliminating meat, dairy and sugar made a huge shift in my lifestyle but all for the better. I sleep better, have less joint pain and I lost 5 pounds almost instantly!

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    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      I hear you! Thankfully Shaun went along with it okay. I think I’ll have a harder time convincing him for the second time around. A perk though, is that we ate a lot more meat – he liked that.

  22. Sara

    I love the idea of having a reward for sticking with it. I have completed three Whole 30s, but started a few other times without being able to complete it. Maybe if I had a reward system it would make it easier!!!

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    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      It’s designed to just do for 30 days and then you reintroduce food groups one at a time and hopefully notice how your body responds. Anything is doable for 30 days, right? 🙂 Though it had its hard moments. . .

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Thanks, Helen! Way to go on Whole30 number 2!!! It’s so small undertaking. 🙂 How does round 2 compare to the first? Is it easier since you know that to expect?

      1. Helen

        Second Whole 30 was much easier, I got into the groove of it much better. I’ll pretty much be following this way of eating – my health has improved considerably because of it!
        Helen x

  25. Christie

    These are excellent tips! I’m stopping by from the Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party since I’m co-hosting this week with Jessica. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up this week!

  26. Serena @ Simple Holistic Girl

    I have not completed a Whole 30 program. This is a great thing that you’re doing to help people get healthy through the entire year. It’s one thing to help out in the beginning, but to have the year round support is a plus, plus! Found you via the #little R&R link up

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Thanks! Our first Whole30 was a big thing after thinking about it forever! I love being around other people on a journey to being healthier. It’s always fun to encourage each other and get ideas.

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  28. Sharon - Her Organized Chaos

    How intriguing! My husband and I did a 48 hour cleanse a week or 2 ago and barely survived. I am so impatient. I wonder if this would have been easier. Thanks for sharing tips to stay motivated! I like the ideas of planning the meals out. Thanks for sharing this at Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party last week. I am co-hosting now and hope to see you again and see what you have to share!

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Oh no! The cleanse sounds hard – seeing that the first 4 days of the Whole30 were the hardest I’m sure those 48 hours were brutal! Yes, planning really made a huge difference in the success of that month. Thanks for hosting and stopping by!

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