Summer Recap

We have entered back to school week in our part of the country. My kids are still under school age and we aren’t doing any formal teaching this year. I decided to get in on the action of heading back anyway by jumping onto the blog after what ended up being a summer break.

This girl loved every minute she spent on her first trip to a beach of any kind since she was a baby! Her brother, not so much. 

It’s seems that once you get out of a routine, it’s really hard to get started again. I see this play out in my life in things like exercise, Bible studies, and blogging of course. Time gets filled up with other things and it takes work to carve it back out again.

When it comes to blogging I figure summer are busy for every and people spend less time reading blogs and browsing Pinterest anyway. Vacations, family, and kids’ activities take up a lot of time. Now the world is heading home and attempting to start up a new routine.

This lake. It’s gorgeous, peaceful (unless there’s a storm, I imagine), and brings up so many happy memories. So much fun to go back!

Our big trip for the summer was to visit my sister and her family in Minnesota. It was amazing and coming back home was brutal. The temperature difference between Minnesota and Oklahoma is pretty drastic and made me wish for a summer home some place much cooler. We spent time at the beach on Lake Superior, hiking to a waterfall in Wisconsin, catching up with both of my parents’ extended families , and of course hanging out at my sister’s house with her adorable kids!


And being in a town with a Chick Fil A meant we could dress up for some free food!

This fall we’ll take a trip to Texas and a weekend trip to Arkansas to spend time with the rest of my family but we are waiting for the weather to cool off a tad. :-) Yes, I am a wimp.


Coolest park ever! This one only section. 

In the meantime, we are working on getting in a routine of working my my oldest on her reading. She’s made good progress the past couple months and I’m excited for the world of books to be opened up to her. Hopefully, I can find a blogging routine of some sort to get back into that as well. This is a start, right? A blogging schedule would probably help, but you know – baby steps! Maybe that will happen one of these days.

I hope that your summer has gone well and that the transition back to school goes smoothly!

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