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What I Learned in October – Parenting Edition

Random parenting tips that I’ve gleaned or appreciated over the last month.

1. 5 minute pick up is one of my favorite housekeeping tools. The living room suffers greatly when we by-pass this rule. Most nights, after dinner and dishes are done we set the timer and my husband, myself and our 2 year old all race the clock to get as much tidied up as we can.

2. Bath time is the perfect time for reading. Put both kids in the tub and sit on the toilet and read as they splash away. No other time do they stay in place for that long unless asleep. Since I won’t leave them in the bath alone, I might as well read.


3. Libraries are a good form of entertainment, especially the ones with toys in the children’s area. My little girl never wants to leave. At least I can bribe her away with promises of new books to read and movies to watch at home.


4. 2 1/2 is a fun age for reading. My daughter still loves pop-up books with bold pictures but she’ll also sit through children’s books such as Frog and Toad with lots of words.

5. My daughter loves to help in the kitchen. She has to be the one to scoop the muffin batter into the tins. It takes her a ridiculously long time, but I decide that it’s just fine because it gives me time to get all the dishes done and the counters wiped down before she’s done.


6. Babies feel left out. Sometimes my little guy is fussy and whiny, but when you bring him to be a part of the action and let him look at people’s faces he turns into a smiley and talkative baby.

7. Sleep and Plays are amazing. Why? Not having to worry about socks disappearing off of kicking feet.

8. Children are parrots. They pick up on everything you say and do. I have a habit of doing an exasperated sigh when I’m frustrated, irritated, or whatever. The 2 1/2 year old has started doing the same thing. Wow. Talk about a great reminder to watch what I say and how I respond.

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When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All

Today I’m excited to have my first guest post published at The Purposeful Mom! This post is for all of us moms who get overwhelmed and feel like we can’t do it all.

As a mom, wife and homemaker, it’s easy be overwhelmed and feel like I can’t do it all.

Dishes need to be done. Laundry is waiting in the dryer to be put away. A child needs to be disciplined. The baby is crying. Your husband would like to eat.

Those are just a few of the responsibilities within your family. Then add in minimal outside commitments: church activities, volunteer work, dinner with friends, and work activities.

You can't do it allSo many times I feel like I’m in over my head. There’s no way I can do what I need to accomplish and do it well. I stress about not being the kind-of parent my daughter needs, not holding my little guy often enough (way less than his older sister was held), not having time to relax and enjoy downtime with my husband, and having to say no to good opportunities.

Head over to The Purposeful Mom to read the rest!

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