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  1. Gail Lewis

    I enjoyed reading the ways you save money on groceries. We are a family of 6. My husband and I are in our 60’s. We live together with our son, daughter-in law, and a 4 year old and a 9 year old. We bought a large, old house together and share thecooking. We eat dinner together every night. Our family food budget is $600 a month (this is for food only—not toiletries or pet food).
    We put $600 in our zippered food money pouch at the beginning of each month. We shop at ‘Sharp Shopper’ which is a large store that has reduced food items–may be out of date or overstocks. If we find an item that we can use highly discounted, we stock up. For example, we found frozen ground turkey at 2 lbs for $1.49, so we bought 10 packages and put them in our freezer. We do make use of freezers—we have an upright freezer in our kitchen and a small chest freezer in the basement. We also stock up on cans and boxes of items that are highly discounted and will keep —if the price is right. We keep our excess food on our pantry shelves in the cellar. We do buy cheese in blocks, unless we find it less expensive per pound in packages. Fresh produce—we try to find day old, marked down produce. We also grow a large garden, including herbs. We had a bumper crop of butternut squash this year. We also get some produce at Aldi and other stores when it is on sale. We recently got a good deal on potatoes at the local farmer’s market. We use very little meat, but a lot of chicken. We did buy 1/3 of a grass fed cow for about $3 lb., so we have some very good beef in the freezer. We also buy marked down meat and chicken when we find it—never pay full price. We do buy some snack foods such as pretzels, granola bars, crackers, etc. when we can get them at a good price. We make our own bread, bagels, buns, etc., but may buy some if they are discounted.
    We make a weekly dinner menu and post it on the kitchen chalk board. We try to use what we have in the house for our dinners. We usually have 2 chicken based dinners, 2 with a little beef, 2 veggie only, and 1 pork or fish each week. We try to eat leftovers, peanut butter, or cheese for lunch. Leftover soups and salads are good for lunch, as well.
    Sometimes there is money left over at the end of the month. We put that away to buy expensive items like our share of the cow, or honey in bulk. If there is any left, I would like to use it for our garden.
    Well, that’s how we eat very well for way less than the USDA’s idea of grocery costs.

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Thanks, Gail! We also take out all of our grocery money at the beginning of the month – makes it nice to stock up on things for those stellar sales! WOW! What an awesome price on the turkey and the beef was a great price too. We are hoping to split part of a side of grass fed beef when someone soon. That’s awesome you have such a great garden. I really need to work on those skills. . . my attempts tend to fail. We too typically do salads or leftovers for lunch (or something else simple if they are gone). Routines seem to help keep costs low. Thanks so much for sharing how your family keeps your grocery costs down – way to go!


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