Welcome! I’m Deanna and I’m excited you’re here at From this Kitchen Table where I choose to live – simply and healthily.

A little about me.

I’m married to Shaun who works in Christian radio. We have a girl (February 2011) and a boy (May 2013) that we are raising in a smallish town in northern Oklahoma. I am always attempting to balance my limited budget, real food, natural living, mothering, wanting to simplify and a lack of time. If you do as well, you are in the right place!

About Deanna Michaels at From this Kitchen Table

I’ve been blessed with a great family. I am the oldest of 8 kids (7 girls and 1 boy) and have the world’s best parents – they are my heroes. They are the ones I respect the most when it comes to finances and generosity. I am thankful that they’ve shared their wisdom over the years.

Because of their example, we are debt free except for a small mortgage and we are working to pay it off as quickly as possible.

My Favorite Things

I love reading, watching classic BBC mini series (Bleak House, Pride and Prejudice, Little Dorrit to name a few), cooking, dark chocolate, traveling, and spending time refueling my introverted self at home.

What From this Kitchen Table is all About

Life is made up of choices. From this Kitchen Table is the story of how we choose to live – simply and healthily. There will be talk of frugal living and budgeting, real food, recipes, things pertaining to family & faith, natural living and organizing and simplifying our home.

All that would come up if we were sitting around the kitchen table together.

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I hope From this Kitchen Table is a place where we can share together and encourage and learn from each other as we choose to live – simply and healthily.

Want to Connect?

I’d love for you to join in the fun on Facebook and see what I’m adding to Pinterest. You can also find me on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. You can also jot me a note using the contact form or e-mail fromthiskitchentable @ gmail.com. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any new posts!


About Deanna Michaels at From this Kitchen Table

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