Cheap Gift Ideas for Men

Is it just me or are men super difficult to buy for?! And then when you come up with the perfect idea it’s crazy expensive. What are some budget friendly, frugal, cheap gift ideas for men?

package wrapped up with gold ribbon. This list of cheap gift ideas for men will make shopping for the guys on your list a breeze!

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Gift guides can be hard.

We know that not every person, not every man, is alike. They have different interests and personalities. The best purpose of gift lists is to get you thinking of ideas you wouldn’t have on your own. Ideas that even though you might not want to buy the exact item on the guide trigger the idea of a perfect item.

Bonus if several of the ideas on the gift guide actually work for your shopping recipient as is.

Cheap Gift Ideas for Men


This might mean a digital album, record, or CD.

Or you could go the more sentimental route and put together a CD of downloads of songs that make you think of your husband/boyfriend/dad. Along with the CD provide an insert you made listing each of the songs and its significance in your relationship.


Movie lover? Purchase the Blu-ray of a favorite old movie. Find a pair of socks that are themed with their all time favorite movie or show.


Digital, physical, and audio books all work great. As long as you select something that’s super in tune with an interest of theirs, they will be excited about the purchase. My husband’s not a huge reader but books about Disney, Chick Fil A, a favorite TV show, or the Dodger’s still get him excited.


It might be a stereotype, but most guys love food. Giving them a stash of their favorite snacks and splurge items will be appreciated. Plus, this is disposable so you don’t have to worry about if they already have it or if there is space.

Electronic Gadget

Maybe something like a phone camera lens, flash light, a coffee mug warmer.

If the man you are buying for travels (or if outlets are a hot commodity in your house) this power strip tower with 8 outlets and 4 USB ports looks like it would be super helpful.

This charging station would help with desk and electronic clutter.

The idea of a small metal detector intrigues me. It could be helpful for finding all of those rogue screws and nails.


Whether your guy does woodworking and major projects or just minor house repairs, get a new tool to make the work easier and a little more fun.

Something like a magnetic wrist band , this universal socket, or an outlet and voltage tester would be a great place to start. Of course if he doesn’t already have a stud finder, that’s super helpful.


A pair of fun socks (my husband received a pair of Back to the Future themed ones for his birthday and loved them), sunglasses, winter gloves, wallet, ball cap for their favorite sports team, or a pop culture t-shirt.


Put together a mini photobook or scrap book of the highlights of your years together.

You could make a basket with the things to go on an adventure: a hike, trip to the ballpark, fishing, movie night etc.

Buy a new game and plan a family game night with all his favorite snacks.

Be creative!

There are over 25 cheap gift ideas for men. I hope that you’ve come up with some fun ideas through this guide. Hopefully shopping for your husband, dad, brother, or friend won’t be quite as difficult this year.

If you have any other ideas, be sure to comment!

paper package wrapped up with red twine. This list of cheap gift ideas for men will make shopping for the guys on your list a breeze!

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