Earn Swagbucks on Your Phone

Super easy way to earn gift cards on your phone using Swagbucks' mobile apps. We love it and it covers our gift budget!

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t have a smart phone. Sometimes I think about getting one, but have yet to commit to increasing our phone bill. Maybe after we hit our big financial of paying of our house I’ll reconsider.

For those of you that are higher tech than I am, I have a super easy way for you to earn gift cards on your smart phone! You might already know how much I love Swagbucks. In fact, I have a post of my favorite ways to earn Swagbucks on your computer (which earns me at least $160 a year in gift cards).

Since my husband has the smart phone, we set him up with an account and downloaded the apps. It’s SO easy to earn on the phone – in fact, I think I could pay for a smart phone using Swagbucks. It’s even easier (and less time consuming) than the computer.

There are several video apps you can download, but I recommend starting with just two. If and when you find yourself maxing out those two, then add another to your daily to-do list. If you aren’t going to earn all the points off of 5 apps, why have them downloaded?

Reminder, be sure you are streaming the videos on the apps when you can use wi-fi to ensure you don’t have data overage fees. It’s no fun to get those notifications.

(Side note, If you are a smart phone user, you’ll want to be sure to download the official Swagbucks app and search app – you’ll be able to do things like search, enter Swag Codes, and answer the daily poll directly on them. These are all ways I talk about in my post on how to earn Swagbucks on your computer for us phone-less folks as well.)

For those extra Swagbucks though, you’ll want to download a few other (free) apps!

Number 1 App to Download

This is my number 1 pick and the first video app you’ll want to get on your phone – SwagBucks TV Mobile. You can earn 36 Swagbucks EACH day on this. One of the best things about it, it will keep on going from one video to the next without you having to do anything! On occasion it might freeze up or have an ad for you to get out of, but over all it’s super easy.

Set it up to run and put your phone on your desk when you are working or on the couch while you are watching a movie. (Extra tip, you can click to the next video approximately 3-5 seconds into each video.)

This is the first app you should max out on your phone each day!

Other Apps to Download

Word of Caution: On the app above you can select categories and I feel confident I can find a family friendly channel and my daughter finds it fun to go through the videos. With the apps below, I don’t like my daughter using my husband’s phone just in case.

After you’ve gotten to the point you are maxing out SwagBucks TV each day there are a few other apps. These apps are put out by Yowgo LLC. They tend to have more glitches than the official one above. The first few days my husband used these apps they definitely glitched a lot. They’ve since gotten better. These apps allow you to earn 18 Swagbucks a day each.

Right now, we are only using the Mobile TV app and the first one below, because you do have to actually remember and take the time to stream these videos and my husband doesn’t always.

EntertaiNOW TV Mobile – this is the app we are using along with SwagBucks TV Mobile..

If you max out both of those, check out the other apps by Yowgo LLC:

  • Lifestylz.tv
  • Sportly.tv
  • MovieCli.ps
  • Indymusic.tv

Let’s just say, you max out all 6 of these apps every day for a year – you could get over $450 in gift cards. If you are anything like us, that won’t even close to happening. Maybe you just do two of them and you’d get almost $200.

Think about the difference that money could make for to your grocery budget. You might even be able to cover Christmas with that money. If you are working hard to make ends meet, these little things really can make a difference.

It’s completely free to sign up, so give Swagbucks a try and see what happens!

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