Printable Goals Planner To Get It Done

Are you making some goals? I want to help you out with this goals planner you can print off and use as you are planning.

samples pages of the goals planner

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Goals are a great thing. Or great as long as they are the right goals for you and you actually follow through and take the steps you need to get them accomplished.

As moms, our focus is going to be different than what they would have been as a college student or if we were single business women.

We want our goals to help and set us up for success, not be a source of conflict and frustration with us and our families. I find goals help motivate me and also cause to to slow down and evaluate my life and my family.

Printable Goals Planner

Let’s start with making your goals.

I’m sure you’ve seen the acronym SMART. When you come up with your goals, you need to make sure they are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound.

Let’s stop here for a minute. I just read a book by Michael Hyatt called Your Best Year Ever. He changes things up a little. His acronym is:


 In SMARTER the first “R” stands for risky. If you stick with super realistic goals, you’ll be setting the bar too low.  So be sure to realistically push yourself.

The “E” stands for exciting. Choose goals that inspire and excite you – it will help you stay motivated.

The final “R” stands for relevant. Please, make sure your goals are right for you and your season of life and what you are wanting/needing to accomplish.

As you fill out this first page, be sure to keep SMART/SMARTER goal making in mind.

Now, that you have your goals written down, use the next page to break them down into action steps. Give yourself a deadline as to when you want to accomplish your goal. You can even set a reward to help keep yourself motivated.

From here you will want to take your goals as a whole and break them down into quarterly steps. This way you will know what you are focusing on when instead of being overwhelmed by all the things.

Yes, certain more habit goals you will be doing throughout all 4 quarters but others will have steps you need to take.

After you have your quarterly goals figured out, each week as you plan the next 7 days figure out exactly what steps need to happen to get you to accomplish those quarterly goals.

I know some weeks won’t got as planned (all of us moms say “amen”), so break these items down into most important, would like to, and if I have time. Then when a kid gets sick, or you have an unexpected problem that pops up, you know what to focus on.

You probably know where this is headed, but lastly there are daily goals. Each day, looking at your weekly goals write down what needs to happen. Go beyond the goals here and also include household cleaning tasks, appointments, errands etc.

Taking a few seconds each day to think over what you are grateful for also helps keep life in perspective and can change your attitude.

Have you made goals this year? Do you struggle coming up with a good plan? Some of my goal categories this year are reading, fitness, Bible reading, health, business, and of course financial goals. Hopefully I can get them accomplished!

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