Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I loved this book. It spoke so much truth and encouragement into my life.

Have you ever read one of those books

  • Where you continuously find yourself saying, “yes, yes”?
  • Where you are affirmed in a lot of what you are doing?
  • Where you think, “I’m so glad I’m not the only one that thinks that!”?
  • Where you get the kick in the pants that you need?

Crystal Paine’s new book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, was one of those. She talks about how she went from simply trying to keep up with everything to passionately living on purpose. In the 10 chapters of this book, Crystal will give you the steps you need to “say goodbye to survival mode and hello to a life that matters. A life that makes a difference. A life on purpose!” Just take a look at the chapter titles:

  • Stop Trying to Do It All 
  • Say Yes to the Best
  • If You Aim at Nothing, You’ll Hit It Every Time
  • Discipline Is Not a Bad Word
  • Be Intentional with Your Bank Account
  • Manage the Home Front
  • When You Feel Like a Failure
  • Yes, You Can Make  Difference
  • Sometimes It Is about You
  • Kick-Start Your Success

As a part of the launch team for Say Goodbye to Survival Mode I was able to read a review copy last month. I loved it and found myself writing down quote after quote. In fact, I loved it so much I purchased a copy. If you know me, that’s saying something. Spending money isn’t something that comes easily to me. I can’t wait to receive my hard copy in the mail and reread it and have my husband read it as well. I’m sure that every person won’t be able to apply everything in the book, but I’m pretty confident that everyone will be able to find encouragement and advice that will help them. Reading this book is like sitting down with a friend. Crystal shares her story and lessons she’s learned (often the hard way) over the years. She will help you:

  • feel healthier and more energetic by setting priorities and boundaries
  • eliminate stress with savvy management of your time, money, and home
  • get more done by setting realistic goals and embracing discipline
  • rediscover your passions—and the confidence to pursue them

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I loved this book. It spoke so much truth and encouragement into my life. I love quotes, so I have to share with you a few of my favorites.

  • Time doesn’t expand limitlessly. When I yes to one thing, I must say no to something else.
  • The problem was that I was trying to be someone I wasn’t created to be.
  • Getting up early is not rocket science. You just have to do it.
  • You have to be willing to cut back, give up things, spend your time differently, and say no more often.
  • Here’s the beautiful thing about a budget: while it’s hard and limiting at first, over time, you’ll realize that it’s your means to enjoy life without headaches and worry. Ultimately, it’s a pathway to freedom. And when you tell your money how to work for you, you can be intentional about how you use it.
  • You have to feed your soul before you can be a great leader, owner of a company, daughter, sister, wife, friend, boss, manager, or mother. You may think you do not have time to feed yourself spiritually, but I assure you that you cannot afford not to.

That list could keep on going, but I’ll let you start your own list of quotes that spoke to you when you read the book and read it you must! So many things spoke true to me and helped and encouraged me. My stage of life right now is one of exhaustion and I needed this book. I needed to hear that it’s okay to do even less and simplify even more than what I’m already doing. I needed the freedom to not feel guilt over those decisions. This post that I wrote last week talks a little more about some of the ideas in the book and 5 things I have to do to go from surviving to thriving. If it’s not in the budget to purchase another book right now, I’d highly encourage you to ask your library to add it to their collection. SPECIAL, LIMITED TIME OFFER: To celebrate the release of her book this week, Crystal is offering a collection of amazing prizes for those who buy the book. Simply go to now for details. You can also pick up the book anywhere books are sold, including Amazon.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I loved this book. It spoke so much truth and encouragement into my life.

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22 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

  1. Jelli

    It’s great to see your review because I recently downloaded her 40 free printables that go with the book and was inspired to really check it out. Thanks!

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      It is so good! My hard copy of the book just came in the mail from Amazon today. I can’t wait to read it again. So many great thoughts in it, I think you’ll love it!

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  3. Mel Caldicott

    This book is on my to-read list. I am passionate about getting balance in life and resisting the pressure our world puts on us to do it all. Can’t wait to read it!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      I think you’ll really like it. You probably already apply what she’s talking about but it’s good enforcement and a good book to pass on. I have a few sisters I’m going to lend my copy to. 🙂

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  6. Amber Neal

    Thanks for linking this up with us this week for MMM link up party! I am going to look into getting this book. It sounds like something I could really use! I look forward to what you link up this week! I hope you have a great week!

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