Ways to Beat the Heat at Home with your Kids

Ways to Beat the Heat (with kids) without leaving home!

I shared 10 free ways to beat the heat with kids and fun things to do when staycationing in a small town last week. Most of those ideas all require getting in your car and going someplace. What if you don’t have a car available or have one of those days where you really don’t want to load the kids up to drive elsewhere?

This list is full of ways to beat the heat at home with your kids! Some days my kids play really well on their own and others they go stir crazy and just start to make one mess after another. They need a little direction.

You could give your child a list of ideas to choose from, select an activity that you think would work best, or have them randomly pick one from a bucket.

1. Movie Afternoon

During the hottest time of day, turn off the lights, pop some popcorn, and have everyone pile on the couch and watch a movie from your collection.

2. Forts

Give your kids some play sheets and clothespins and let them have at it. This provides hours of entertainment. You might even find your kids playing in their forts for days. Send them outside to use the clothesline pole, tree, swing set, and patio to assist in their building or let them take over your living room and dining room utilizing every chair you have in your house. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with such simple things.

3. Sprinkler

Hook up the sprinkler or turn the hose onto a mist if you don’t have a sprinkler. Both of my kids love the water. The minute water is on, they will have their faces in it. Set the sprinkler up on the ground so they can run through the spray or hang it over their play set and all of a sudden they have a water slide and water swing.

4. Slip and Slide

We didn’t use these often and seemed to destroy them quickly but found them to be a lot of fun. Buy one or you can use a tarp you already have.

5. Indoor picnic

100 plus degree temperatures don’t exactly beg you to go sit outside and enjoy your meal. It’s the perfect opportunity, though, to spread a blanket out on the living room floor and bring the picnic inside. A bonus is not having to worry about flies and bugs.

6. Indoor camping

Camping. Another thing I don’t even want to think about doing when it’s so hot. Bring blankets and pillows to the living room floor and have an air conditioned camp out. If you have the supplies, you could even do s’mores using the oven or stove.

7. Water Gun Fight

Why is it so fun to squirt water at someone else? Have a supply of good water guns and everyone in your family will want to participate!

8. Water Balloons

Play games to keep the fun lasting longer and then finish with a big water balloon fight!

9. Messy Play

Summer is the perfect time for this because they can do the activities outside and get hosed off when they are done. Making a mud pit or filling the sandbox up with water will makes your child’s day. Check out this post from The Chaos and the Clutter for some ideas for hands on activities that will have your kids messy!

10. Star Gazing

Stay up late and wait for the stars to appear and then head outside and lay down on some blankets or your trampoline and see what constellations you can find and who can see a shooting star.

What are your favorite things to do at home on those hot summer days?

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18 thoughts on “Ways to Beat the Heat at Home with your Kids

  1. Carrie This Home

    Deanna–I love these ideas! I’m not the best at thinking of creative ways to spend time with my kids so this is really helpful! So glad you linked this up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop–this will be one of my features at our next party!

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Thanks, Carrie! Kids are so much fun. I hear you on needing inspiration for ideas. I’m always in awe of the pictures one of my friends posts on Facebook of the activities they do.

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  4. Linda

    I love having an arsenal of go-to-ideas for those days when it’s too hot to think – thank you for all the ideas! Featuring your post today on Hearts for Home Blog Hop 🙂

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