Easy & Fun Christmas Sock Exchange

a group of ladies wearing Christmas socks

The holidays are around the corner and that means parties and party games. I’m sure you’ve done Dirty Santa and Ornament Exchanges before, but this year I have a different fun gift game for you to use! It’s a Christmas Sock Exchange!

This is a fun, simple game that everyone will love. This would be great for to do with a group of kids (your kids’ friends or maybe the nieces and nephews), teens, or all adults!

A Christmas Sock Exchange would also be a perfect idea for your friends, Bible study group, or female co-workers to all do together.

What makes this a great idea is that socks are fun, everyone wears them, and there are so many cute options available!

Now, there are so many ways you can go about this easy Christmas party game so we’ll go over your options and how exactly this works below!

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Christmas Sock Exchange: Planning, Gift Ideas, Rules

How to Plan a Christmas Sock Exchange:

Will you exchange just pairs of socks or are you going to exchange stocks stuffed with goodies?

This is the first decision you have to make! Stuffed socks are more fun, for obvious reasons but yes, they are a little more work and cost more. You know your friends and family, pick what will work best for them and your type of event.

Set a budget.

After you have the sock dilemma decided, this is your next step. Having a budget helps make things not awkward (ever been to a gift exchange when someone brought a $50 ornament and left with a $1 one, let’s try and avoid that) and helps your attendees know what to expect before they RSVP.

Do you want the socks wrapped?

You can have people bring the socks in a small gift bag or you can have them brought unwrapped but tied together (people still won’t know what is inside).

Invite your friends or family!

When you invite your friends to your sock exchange event be sure they know:

  • if you will be filling the socks with small gifts or just bringing socks to exchange
  • what the budget is
  • whether to bring socks in a bag or simply tied together

What to Place in the Socks:

  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Pens
  • Lip balm
  • Gift card
  • Mug
  • Soap
  • Socks (a bonus pair!)
  • Small Book
  • Notebook
  • Jewelry
  • Anything small

If you are doing this for kids, in addition to some of the above ideas consider things like: stickers, craft, art supplies, toy, matchbox car, Play-Doh, or any small kid friendly item!

How to Do the Christmas Sock Exchange

Alright, once again you have numerous options here. Let’s go over them.

No matter what method you choose, you will want to have everyone draw a number to determine who will select their sock first.

Option 1: This option works better if all of the socks are in bags so you can’t actually see what you are selecting.

Starting with number 1 until the last number each person will select a sock/bag and that is theirs. When the last person selects, the game is over. Then everyone can open up their socks (if stuffed) and admire all the goodies. Of course, you could also put on your new socks on wear them the rest of the evening.

Option 2: The traditional White Elephant/Dirty Santa style game! This will work with wrapped socks or ones that are simply tied together.

If your socks are unwrapped and stuffed, make sure players only look at the socks – no touching allowed when selecting on your turn.

Begin with the person who drew #1. They will select a pair of socks. (If they are in a bag remove socks from bag after selecting.)

Continue the selection process in numerical order. The twist being, they can either steal socks (and the goodies it contains) from one of the earlier number or select a new pair. If a person has their socks stolen from them, they may either select a new pair or steal from another person (but not the pair just taken from them).

A pair of socks will be frozen (not able to be stolen anymore) after its second or third steal. Choose which option your prefer before you begin the game and make sure everyone knows, because this a a rule that varies.

Ending the game: You can end the game after the last person has selected or you can give person #1 the option of swapping socks with any unfrozen pair!

One more thing to consider. On this second option, if the socks are stuffed, you will need to decide before you start the game if each person will unpack their socks and display the items after selecting or if the contents of the socks will remain a surprise until the game is over.

Of course it’s fun to know what’s inside of the socks as you make your decisions, so I recommend that option, but it is harder to move things around as they get stolen.

So, what do you think? Have you done the sock exchange game before? What rules do you use? Any great sock stuffer ideas?

You could also use this game anytime of year! Any sort of party or get together with your girl friend or a group birthday celebration. It will be something a little different but super fun to do.

3 ladies wearing Christmas socks on the floor with presents

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