Menu Plan and Goals

Brrr. It’s cold and getting colder. My poor plants have spent most of their days inside and I think they miss the sun. I do too. A bit of snow my accumulate this week, but we’ll see.

We got my husband’s old tent down from the attic and set it up on my daughter’s bed. Yep, it’s ALF. She’s loving sleeping in it and thinks she’s pretty cool.

Menu Plan and Goals at From this Kitchen Table

This week we are celebrating our daughter’s birthday. She turns 3. Her request for her birthday meal – sweet potatoes and peas. When I asked her what else, she said broccoli and carrots. Hmmm. She wanted typical desserts though – we are making chocolate chip ice cream and number 3 cookies. She has been counting down. There are 2 sleeps to go.

Menu Plan and Goals at From this Kitchen Table


  • Quinoa Black Bean Enchilada Bake (with this enchilada sauce recipe)
  • Super Bowl Small Group – Bringing homemade salsa and Italian Layer Dip
  • Hamburger Noodle Casserole (Divided it into two pans so we’d have one to give. Recipe coming the end of the month)
  • Mac and Cheese, steamed broccoli, carrot sticks, cookies and ice cream
  • Leftovers
  • Oatmeal Crust Pizza (new recipe)


  • Fajitas with homemade tortillas
  • Leftovers
  • Salad


  • Scottish Oats
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins


  • Read 8 chapters of Mansfield Park, From Playpen to Podium, finish Maximized Living Nutrition Plans
  • Write 3 posts and design 2 graphics
  • Spend 15 minutes a day x 5 days on memory cards
  • Do experiments for a project
  • Exercise 3 times (surely I can do that)
  • Get birthday stuff ready

What do you have going on this week? Anything tasty on your menu?

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan and Goals

  1. Margery

    Looking forward to seeing the hamburger noodle recipe, sounds like something my kids would enjoy. And I love the ALF tent I have my husbands collection of stuffed ALF’s in the attic.

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      It is easy and tasty! That’s awesome that your husband has a collection of stuffed ALF’s, I’ll have to tell mine. He’s trying to get our 3 year hold to like the dvds. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    Just found your blog through Janet at Frugal and Focused. Wow – I think I had blocked Alf from my memory! 😉 Hope your daughter has a great birthday!!

    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      Ha ha, that’s great! ALF is something else. Thanks, I hope she does do. 🙂 I think she’ll enjoy and a snow storm came through today so she should have a white birthday tomorrow.


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