Things I Learned in August

August is over. This month I’m going to share some some quotes from Declare and The Blog Planning Bootcamp with Emily’s link-up. (Once you get past the first few items I think a lot of what was taught applies to everyday life not just blogging.)

Things I Learned in August

  1. Abbie at Five Days Five Ways regarding DIY posts said to be extremely useful or insanely entertaining. (Hmmm, I think I have some work to do.)
  2. Amanda told on our Twitter profiles to link to our about pages (oops, I still need to do that to mine) and turn off notifications.
  3. She also suggested “Do to others as you would have them do to you” when it comes to your social media strategy.
  4. Don’t do what you feel like doing. Instead do the things that tomorrow you’ll wish you have done today.
  5. Sacrifice what you are for what you want (and hope) to be. (Thanks Kat Lee for these first two.)
  6. Just say “Yes God”. He promises to take care of us.
  7. Embrace who you are in God. Don’t try to be someone that God has not called you to be. (6 and 7 are thanks to Jill Monaco.)
  8. Pursue Passion (Not results).
  9. You can outlast those who are lucky and outwork those who are lazy.
  10. Don’t quit. (Finishing the list off with some good thoughts from Jeff Goins.)

Don't Quit

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