Art Gifts for Kids That They Will Love

There is something about kids and craft projects! They love the hands on, and sometimes messy, aspect of them. So what better present is there than art gifts for kids?!

paint set for art gifts for kids. Great ideas for the creative kids in your life.My posts use affiliate links. See the disclosure page for more information.

For all the creative kid art lovers in your life, I’ve rounded up an excellent list of present ideas for you.

In our house, most birthdays and Christmases involve getting at least one art and craft gift.

The Best Art Gifts for Kids:

How to Draw Books

There is a general how to draw guide like this:

Or pick something based on your child’s interest, like these:

(There are books for every subject, animal, style that you can imagine. We currently have dinosaurs, princesses, and pets.)


For the responsible child, get them a set of these colored pencils. They are the best!

If your child is younger, a set of Crayola pencils will work just fine. (This is what my kids still get. When they start being more careful with their materials, I’ll upgrade them!)

Pastels and Charcoals

Kids always have access to crayons and markers and sometimes colored pencils. Expand their collection this year by getting them something new. Pastels or charcoals would be a fun thing to experiment with.

Paints and Accessories

Painting is always exciting. From toddlers to teens – there is something for everything:

Finger Paints for the littles

Set of 18 washable paints or this set of 6 is super cheap as an add on.


Here’s a set of 25 brushes for kids.

Here’s a set of brushes for watercolor and acrylic paints.

Paint tray. This gets used every time the bottles of paint get pulled out.

Modeling Clay

Another fun item to have in your craft closet! Whether to build and reuse like play-dough or build and bake to keep, this will be a project they beg you to do.

Modeling Clay:

White clay that doesn’t dry out

Oven Dry Clay


Yes, your artist needs more than computer copy paper. 😉

Sketch Book

Watercolor paper for paint, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, and acrylic

Craft paper on a roll. My kids love having this.

Construction Paper 

Craft Kits

There is a myriad of options. Search according to what the child’s interest are, but here are a few ideas:


Of course you need something to stick things together when you build and create. Most people already have glue sticks and basic Elmer’s glue in their house, so try these:

Glue dots

Hot glue gun

Tacky glue

Art and Craft Essentials

Don’t forget all the childhood essentials. These are the items that most of us probably grew up using:

You can also find a variety pack like this with pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, and googly eyes:

What are the essentials in your kids’ craft closets? What are your favorite art gifts for kids?

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sketch book, paint and brushes for art gifts for kids. Great ideas for the creative kids in your life.

paint set for art gifts for kids. Great ideas for the creative kids in your life.

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