Easy DIY Gift for Pastors

A gift for pastors. Oh my goodness, why is it so hard to come up with an idea!

Did you know that October is Pastor/Minister Appreciation Month? The perfect time to take a minute and tell your pastors “thank you” for all that they do. Don’t think that it has to be fancy and elaborate to be meaningful. Simple and easy is okay. They will appreciate the thought.

bags of Chex Mix and an adorable note - great gift for pastors!

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Today I have a fun, cute, silly, DIY gift for pastors. It’s easy enough that you can pull it off at the last minute too. šŸ™‚ Not that any of us would procrastinateĀ that long.

This gift will also work perfectly to give to all of the pastors that are employed (or volunteer) at your church. You simply include a personalized note on the blank place.

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But now, for today’s simple and budget friendly gift idea.

bags of Chex Mix and an adorable note - great gift for pastors!

Gift for Pastors: Chex it Out!

This pastor appreciation gift idea consists of a snack, a play on words, and a thoughtful note.

My husband considers himself a Chex Mix expert. He’s all about the homemade stuff (and thinks I need to share his recipe and tips with you because he’s confident it is the best). So of course I have to recommend you make up a batch of your favorite Chex recipe and package it up.

If you are short on time, though, buying the bags of Chex Mix honestly works just as well.

Print a sheet of theĀ We Have the Best Mix of Pastors Around cards and put a hole punch in one corner. After you write a sentence or two about why you appreciate each pastor and sign your name, attach the card to the Chex Mix with ribbon.

Then all that is left is to make the delivery. I really love that this idea is simple enough to do on even the craziest of weeks and for multiple pastors. You can get this done and your kids can even help.

Do you have any great, simple and frugal ideas as a gift for pastors?

bags of Chex Mix and an adorable note - great gift for pastors!

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