Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

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Do you have any teenage boys in your house? If so, this post of ideas for stocking stuffers for teen boys is going to make life much easier this Christmas season!

There are teen boy stocking stuffers that will work for everyone on the list. Over 65 ideas and a few bonus categories to get you thinking outside of the box.

I’m going to include the same disclaimer here that I have on the teen girl stocking stuffer ideas post.

You aren’t a bad parent if you skip stockings. Or if you keep them simple.

Don’t let all the posts you come across make you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Know your budget and find what works for you and your family. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can make stockings be only food items. You could stick to a theme (give items you need for an upcoming family vacation). You could just do 4 items: a snack, a small game, something they need, and something fun.

It’s your house, you get to call the shots! So use these ideas of stocking stuffers for teenage boys to inspire you, not to make you feel guilty.

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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Food always warrants its own section. Yep, it’s that important and I think every person would agree that food is always a hit. Especially when it comes to the perfect stocking stuffers for teenage boys!

You could also shop sales and hopefully fill up the stocking without breaking your budget.

One other reason food is a great option is that it won’t increase clutter in your house!

Here are some suggestions:

Trail Mix
RX Bars
Protein Bars
Beef Jerky/Beef Sticks
Dot’s Pretzels (Check your local grocery or hardware store for these!)
Bottled Coffee Drinks
Ground Coffee
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

What interests does your teen boy have? Use that information to help you find small things to put into his stocking. Once you get thinking, the options are endless. Maybe he enjoys:

Working Out

Buy a few items based off of these hobbies!

Things He Needs
As our kids head into the teen years they are getting close to having a college dorm room or even apartment of their own. Stockings are a great way to start giving them those little things that they will need.

Mini Screwdriver set
Allen Wrench Set
Measuring Tape
Plyers (Maybe vice grip and needle nosed)
Small Kitchen Items (Kitchen knife, measuring cups, mixing bowls, small whisk etc)

Everything Else
Here’s the list you can grab from as you fill in the rest the stocking stuffers for teen boys! We know each teen is so different, but you will be sure to find at least a few things on this list your son will appreciate.

Graphic T-Shirt
Ball Cap
Paracord Bracelet (Could be just a bracelet or a survival tool)
USB Cable
Wireless Speaker
Phone Stand (So many options!)
Flash Drive
Pocket Knife
Survival Tool for wallet
Hand Warmers (Disposable ones or reusable)
Multiuse Pen
Life Straw
Batteries (Because everyone could use more of these!)
Car Detailing Supplies
Essential Oil Air Freshener (Maybe a mini diffuser or something like this car diffuser)
Drawstring Bag
Water Bottle (Insulated stainless steel bottles are my favorite!)
Front Pocket Wallet
Quick Dry Sports Towel
Duct Tape
Gift Cards
Mini Models (There are wooden ones and metal ones. Check out all of these options from Metal Earth!)
Small Games: Cinco Linko, Yatzee, Farkle, Rubix Cube, Cards, Rook, Geobrix
Fidget Game

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Here are 74+ ideas of creative stocking stuffer ideas! What are your favorite stocking stuffers for teen boys? Share in the comments!

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