Whole30 Menu Plan and Goals

This week flew by. We were busy every day just doing things around the house, keeping up with cooking Whole30 approved food, and general house stuff. I took the kids on power walks in the double stroller several times (man, is that thing a beast to push) and made a trip to the park. It’s also the time of year were we mail tickets for our local concert series association. The envelopes are all printed, stuffed, and ready to be dropped in the mail.

Whole30 Menu Plan and Goals @ From this Kitchen Table

My 15 month old has had two of his eye teeth break through, finally. Hopefully the others will come soon. He’s been waking up several times each night crying. I’m sure that has a little something to do with the crazy exhaustion I feel. I took a nap Sunday afternoon and woke up feeling even more tired. I’m hoping this next week holds at least one night of solid sleep. 🙂

Whole30 Menu Plan and Goals @ From this Kitchen Table

Fajitas Whole30 Style



  • Paleo Breakfast Bowls (cooked in a 9×13 pan)
  • Leftover Chili Verde
  • Salads (Shaun and myself)
  • Leftovers, baked sweet potatoes (for the kids)


If you are looking for more recipes ideas for a Whole30, check out my Pinterest where I have a board I pin all the recipes I want to try! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my Week 2 recap. (You can find my thoughts from week 1 here.)


What are your goals this week? What’s on your menu?

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    1. Deanna Michaels Post author

      The pilates is pretty fun. Robin is super sweet so the videos are enjoyable and I love that they are all under 10 minutes! This mom can handle that. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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